About Us

SG Couture, a premier online retailer of women's clothing was established in 2016. Our clothing selection considers the lady who understands the lost art of "leaving something to the imagination".

SG Couture is sure to satisfy your shopping quest for clothing that is classy and sophisticated, yet stylish and trendy, as it intentionally marketed to the chosen woman. Whether you're an executive who has been chosen to conduct a boardroom meeting, or an ecumenical leader chosen to speak during an inaugural ceremony; we carry an array of dresses, suits and skirt and blouse combinations that are guaranteed to "grace you with glamour"!

Founded by two best friends, SG (Sanctified Girl) Couture was birthed from both the desire and necessity to offer quality, glamorous, semi-conservative clothing with an edge. In a marketplace inundated with provocative apparel, SG Couture is committed to clothing women who embody strength and self-respect. Your style of dress tells a story about you. Allow us to write your story.

If when she entered the room, people stopped and stared, rest assured, SG Couture was there.

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